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For fun, and after many hours of coffee, I gathered and create a collection of the "Best Games" for DOS, which exist from all games categories. 


(Bitmap Brothers)
"four guardians" have invaded and usurped the citadel of the gods

Rating: (8/10)  


(id Software)
Three brothers known as the Serpent Riders have used their powerful magic to possess seven kings of Parthoris turning them into mindless puppets and corrupting their armies

Rating: (8/10)  

Carrier Command

(Realtime Games)
The game is set in the near future, where a team of scientists have developed two robotic aircraft carriers to colonise an archipelago of sixty four islands.

Rating: (9/10)  

Elite Plus

(Realtime Games Software Ltd)
Elite Plus is an excellent VGA update of the classic Elite, and is now commonly regarded as the best version of Elite.

Rating: (9/10)  

Oregon Trail

Keep their party warm, ammunition for hunting, and spare parts for the wagon.

Rating: (8/10)  


(Vector Grafix)
The software is noted for simulations of the space shuttle in many situations in a 3D environment, from leaving the Vehicle Assembly Building to returning to Earth at the Shuttle Landing Facility

Rating: (9/10)  


(Spectrum Holobyte)
Tornado features high-speed, low-altitude precision bombing runs over a battlefield full of active friendly and enemy air and ground units.

Rating: (8/10)  

Wing Commander

(Origin Systems)
The player pilots a ship which engages enemy ships of various capabilities.

Rating: (8/10)  


(Incentive Software)
Writer Jack Herman created a fictional universe as the setting for BioForge.

Rating: (8/10)  

Discworld II

The wizards of Unseen University suspect what the cause is and decide to invoke a ritual to summon Death, with the Archchancellor tasking Rincewind to collect the needed items for it.

Rating: (8/10)  

Heart Of China

In 1930s Hong Kong, struggling former World War I fighter pilot Jake "Lucky" Masters is recruited by rich businessman E.A. Lomax for a dangerous mission.

Rating: (8/10)  

Every month there may be changes (Addition or Subtraction), as we add other new games to our site , so check it some time.

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