DOS Emulator

DOSBox is the best DOS emulator at time , with capable to running DOS programs that require the CPU to be in real mode or protected mode.
Since DOSBox can emulate its CPU by interpretation, the environment it emulates is completely independent of the host CPU. On systems which provide the x86, ARM, or other RISC instruction sets, however, DOSBox can use dynamic instruction translation to accelerate execution.

The emulated CPU speed of DOSBox is also manually adjustable by the user to accommodate the speed of the systems for which DOS programs were originally written

Working Operating Systems
BeOS, FreeBSD, Linux (Debian, Fedora, Gentoo), macOS, RISC OS, Solaris, Windows


( The DOSBox Team)
DOSBox is a command-line program, configured either by a set of command-line arguments or by editing a plain text configuration file. For ease of use, several graphical front ends have been developed by the user community. easy website maker