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Magicland Dizzy

In Magicland Dizzy the player guides Dizzy, an egg-shaped character, in an attempt to rescue his six friends who are held captive under the influence of various magic spells. The locations are all located in the titular "Magicland" and are fantastical in nature, many inspired by fairy tales. They include a field of standing stones called Weirdhenge a witch's island and Prince Charming's castle. Movement from one screen to the next is enabled through flip-screen such that when Dizzy touches the outer edge of one screen he is transported to the next. The individual screens consist of platforms and ladders with Dizzy able to both walk and jump to navigate the maze and its obstacles. Dizzy can collect up to three items at once which are then used at specific locations to solve puzzles and advance through the game. At the start of the game the player has three lives and a health bar which can be replenished by finding and collecting diamonds scattered throughout the maze.

RATING (8-10)

Execute Command: (Installation Folder)\MAGIC.exe

  • Gender (Platform)
  • Year (1990)
  • Developer (Codemasters)
  • Version (1.0)
  • Updated (29-12-2021)
  • Download Size (13.500 KB)


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